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Our updated menus are here!

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Angela Schmitz on November 14, 2014 - 10:38 am in Uncategorized

Our catering menus are so amazing that our clients tell us time and again, “I can’t even choose. Everything sounds so incredible.”

Well, believe it or not, we’ve improved on perfection and updated our delicious and inspiring menus! Whether you are looking for the best wedding, corporate, BBQ or in home catering in Northwestern Ohio or Eastern Indiana, you can count on Romer’s Catering to truly exceed your expectations.

Without further ado, please visit our catering & menus page to take in all of our delicious options from Gourmet Platters to Buffet and Served Dinners and everything in between, including our unbelievable Reception Menus!

Call us today to let Romer’s Catering create and execute the most delicious and professionally-served special event you dream of.


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